Orangee Legacy—The Master List



Veri Orangee

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Orangee 1.4

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-50-12-426.jpg

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-43-41-731The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-46-10-825The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-49-03-980

Somehow the upgrade of the house has made gameplay more fun for me. I was getting sick of the hovel that they were living in..

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-52-52-560.jpg

For some reason the school bus doesn’t come for them, so I send them to school on free, magical bikes.

Lucie: Your doll is so lame, bro. Look at mine.

Ace: *doesn’t care*

Lucie: LOOK AT IT.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-00-57-361.jpg

Thankfully, she is interrupted by the babysitter.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-02-34-311.jpg

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-04-57-332.jpgThe Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-06-31-907.jpg

Tim: Yes, let daddy play with you since your mom does nothing but game all day.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-07-43-791The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-07-59-659

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-25-54-293.jpg

Charles: To improve your performance, please interview someone and—

Tim: Ok boss, what is your favorite color?

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-29-35-347.jpgThe Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-30-22-110.jpg

Did you know that the todds always pick the highest relationship sim for their birthday?

Tim: Haha.. After all I did…

Zander rolled the absent minded trait.

Lucie grew up before she could blow the candles. She’s also absent minded o_O.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-46-28-555The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-47-09-777

It looks like Zander takes after his Moore’s obsession.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 19-47-26-959.jpg

Unlike Spacey and Bumble, I think these twins will be very close.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-08-51-937The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-09-10-064

Their new bedroom.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-10-18-402.jpg

Veri: Finally, no more babies!

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-16-03-293The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-13-55-534

I love the gaming career shirts xD.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-19-42-734The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-22-03-952

I never thought I’d get a burglar alarm this generation. Before the gift there was literally nothing to rob from them lol.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-37-24-414.jpg

Lucie: Excuse me, who are you?

Maria: You don’t know? I’m Moore’s girlfriend.

Lucie: What?! No you’re not. Leave my bro alone.

(and no she’s not his gf, just a classmate)

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-40-17-311.jpg

It’s Bumble and Spacey’s birthday.

Note the rude blonde at the back.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-40-36-437.jpg

Maria: His siblings are so weird. Why does that 8 year old have purple highlights?

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-41-33-458The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-41-46-812

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-42-52-458The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-51-25-842

Maria: Oh wow—he’s hot now, let me make a good impression by joining in.

Bumble is now an equestrian.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-53-48-779The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-54-26-173

Spacey: My turn!

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 20-55-01-443The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-02-59-589

Spacey rolled the family oriented trait.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-04-57-346.jpg

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-05-25-905.jpg

Veri: I can’t believe that girl took my seat.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-08-24-310The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-07-16-800

Bumble: I don’t even care about birthdays, I just want to paint all day.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-34-44-461.jpg

There’s also a new addition to the family, Snaggles Orangee.

Veri: Oh my god. Are you guys serious??

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-43-47-531The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-43-57-362

Bumble: Ughh, my spirit is.. wanning. This mortal body cannot contain my artistic prowess.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-45-02-565.jpg


The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-47-47-527The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-48-14-873



The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-55-12-833The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-54-49-570

The moment of truth…

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-56-52-688.jpg

She succeeds!

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-59-19-921The Sims 3-01-13-2018 21-59-47-319

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-08-24-077The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-08-40-074The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-10-53-825The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-11-07-695

These two are real teens, unlike Moore who is a grandpa is disguise.

I could finally buy her a bar for the mixologist challenge.

Veri: It tastes like crap. But I can just sell it by saying it contains health herbs.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-28-25-238The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-28-50-343

Spacey: Go ahead and sleep in my bed, I’ll sleep in your brand new one.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-30-02-999.jpg

Bumble: In 1982, a unknown artist made his debut by the painting of Mon—

Lucie: Can you go away? I don’t want to hear this.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-31-55-109.jpg

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-34-28-130The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-34-41-749

I think Spacey is Tim’s favorite. He keeps talking to her.

Tim: Don’t you think she looks just like me?

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-38-48-487.jpg

Bumble: Can you guys get out please? I can’t sleep with your stupid noises.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-39-35-562.jpg

You know, today is a special day. It’s Veri and Tim’s birthday…

It’s too soon ;_;

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-53-36-152The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-55-37-929

Veri decided to spend the day gaming with her family.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-21-24-468The Sims 3-01-13-2018 22-56-10-511.jpg

You’ve come so far, Tim.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 23-10-37-448.jpg

Bumble continued playing even after everyone left.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 23-17-49-895.jpgThe Sims 3-01-13-2018 23-24-47-398.jpgThe Sims 3-01-13-2018 23-25-00-683.jpg

Not much difference at all!

Veri’s turn ;_;

Veri: I’m ready 😀

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 23-28-04-974The Sims 3-01-13-2018 23-28-39-425

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 23-41-35-257.jpg

Still gorgeous.

Veri: How could they eat without me on MY birthday?

The Sims 3-01-14-2018 0-17-28-334.jpg


The Sims 3-01-14-2018 0-39-14-486The Sims 3-01-14-2018 0-37-47-496

Wylie invited her over only to play tag.

Veri: Arghh… Give me a break, I’m middle aged now. If it wasn’t for the 75k do you think I would…*pants*

The Sims 3-01-14-2018 0-51-09-967.jpg

Not sure why, but I have this strange weakness for male sims who paint.


Orangee 1.3

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-25-29-618The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-25-55-024

Veri: I’m gonna build an ice house and live here, away from my husband and screaming children.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-28-49-871.jpg

Tim got another promotion 🙂

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-30-50-874.jpg



Veri: What tax-economic alliance do llamas belong to?

Tim: A4*9#@&!&!!#&*$

Veri: Correct!

Tim: Hell yeah! I’m trivia king!



Veri: I smell something burning. Wait… what??



Veri: Is that a fire?! I can’t even bear to hear the burning… the ground is wood omg.

*passes out*

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-48-56-344The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-49-18-542

Girl, the fire is spreading DO YOUR JOB.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-50-24-740The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-50-08-470

Bumble: Mama! Help, I’m scared.

Spacey: I’ll just stay out here in the snow where nothing can hurt me.

Bumble could learn a thing or two from his sister.




I was really freaking out, the firewoman wasn’t helping at all. Veri’s head was on fire. Tim was at work.

It was so suspenseful and I was wondering if this legacy will end before it really begins, and then my game crashed.

It probably exploded in cinders along with Veri’s brain.


The Sims 3-01-09-2018 19-09-16-230.jpg



This time, Veri didn’t cook and instead woohooed with her husband.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 19-17-26-899The Sims 3-01-09-2018 19-18-18-867

Veri: No Chad, I’m not interested in dinner at Llama Chef.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-13-12-480.jpg

It was time for twins to age up. Regretfully, between the aliens and the fire I didn’t get to take many shots of them.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-19-17-288.jpg

Bumble felt the need to interrupt his sister’s birthday by growing up first. He rolled the daredevil trait.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-26-51-739.jpg

Bumble: I’m cool with teh highlights heh.

He is the only child so far to inherit Veri’s red hair, so I’m pretty fond of him.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-26-29-051.jpg

Spacey in her favorite lime green. She rolled the kleptomaniac trait.

She looks somewhat creepy to me, no?

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-38-19-983.jpg

Bumble’s snowman is a reflection of his inner self.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-41-41-088The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-42-29-685

Moore: Excuse me sister, I was here to ask for a bedtime story first.

Spacey: Whatever, I’m not wuss like you that I can’t sleep without a bedtime story.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-47-51-500.jpg

Another snowday.

I wish the children would

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-50-58-540The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-49-14-824

Spacey: I’ve been dreaming about this massive fire in our house. It seemed so real. I wish it would actually happen.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 23-51-10-374.jpg

Veri: If you’re going to live in this house, you must remember that comics are sacred.


The Sims 3-01-12-2018 19-47-50-689The Sims 3-01-12-2018 19-49-16-950


Tim: Excuse me Sir, I’d like to ask you about the recent break out of the llama flu.

Rehman: Zzzzzz— Huh I’m sorry, what did you say? I was in the operating room overnight.

Stop harassing the poor doc, Tim.


Tim & Spacey: Oh my god!

Veri: Stop screaming for no reason and let me wash the dishes in peace.

Spacey: You’re in labour!

Veri: What are you talkin—oh crap you’re right!

The Sims 3-01-12-2018 20-22-56-286.jpg

Bumble: *Peaceful snoring*

The Sims 3-01-12-2018 20-25-54-358

Finally, here are the last twins.

I don’t know about you, but I was getting pretty frustrated by the constant need for pregnancy. Now we can get to the good stuff.

The Sims 3-01-12-2018 20-33-34-138

Lucie Orangee – Brave, adventurous

The Sims 3-01-12-2018 20-37-36-016

Zander Orangee – Excitable, eccentric

The Sims 3-01-12-2018 20-39-59-382

The Sims 3-01-12-2018 20-40-04-377

That’s a big bonus considering she hadn’t left for work even once… Maybe Veri’s boss is Chad?

The Sims 3-01-12-2018 20-59-16-576.jpg

I wonder if they’re identical twins?


The Orangees went out for dinner.

Of course, Spacey is sitting alone. Moore and Bumble get along very well and nobody really talks to Spacey at home xD.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-25-44-499.jpg

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-28-48-616.jpg



Veri: What the hell? Isn’t my husband the one you guys want?

Pinterdmaxan: There’s been a change in plans. We will continue to see you in the near future.

Veri: D:

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-39-39-020The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-43-41-348

Bumble: Are you the one who destroyed my army?

Spacey: Huh? Oh I tripped.

Bumble: Well you better not trip again. Or else, I’ll take your limp body and wrap it in snow to make a new one.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-44-32-574The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-47-06-177

Spacey: Oh shit. I’d better make him a new one as an apology before he makes me disappear.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-47-36-436.jpg

Bumble: Can’t you do anything about this mess?

Moore: I’m already doing all I can ):

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 12-50-25-919The Sims 3-01-13-2018 13-48-03-578

The first time Tim ever exercised and the 1000th time Moore is playing king.

Moore: Today is special cuz it’s my birthday!

Oh right. I totally forgot.

Moore: D:

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 13-51-54-039The Sims 3-01-13-2018 13-59-33-581


He also rolled the hot-headed trait.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-02-09-422.jpg

His face is… interesting. I don’t know who he really takes after.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-17-23-547.jpg


Veri: Just leave me alone already…


Is this revenge for him flirting with your wife?

He wrote a negative article on him xD

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-23-03-732The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-23-18-559


Tim and Moore pretty much did all the parenting this time around.


Tim is a good dad.

…I think.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-30-51-213.jpg

I had Tim check the mailbox for the first time ever and guess what

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-32-15-886.jpg

Wylie wtf?!

He gave them a fountain the size of their house for their wedding… and it’s worth $75,000. SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND SIMOLEONS.

And the Orangees are stupid, but not stupid enough to keep a gigantic useless fountain in their backyard worth 75k. So they sold it.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-47-46-673The Sims 3-01-13-2018 14-47-39-793

Tim & Veri: So can we quit our job now?

No. You guys need a life.

I should erect a statue for Wylie, seriously.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 16-01-42-498.jpg

The Orangee house gets an upgrade.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-07-19-465The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-20-08-687

They even get a freaking car.

((I have a mod that reorganizes buymode, so some prices are different from the vanilla game. Cars only cost a few thousand for me.))

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-06-58-437.jpg

Entrance and gaming area.


The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-08-19-859The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-08-25-367

Veri + Tim’s room. They have a nice walk in closet now, and a mini fridge for late night snacks.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-06-01-938.jpg

Also connected to balcony.

The Sims 3-01-16-2018 20-03-56-957The Sims 3-01-16-2018 20-04-22-132

Moore’s room. Pretty unimpressive because I imagine him to be a simple, athletic, normal dude who has a secret crush on a pop-star. His room is connected to the 2nd balcony.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-02-44-718The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-03-07-696

Bumble + Spacey’s room.

It’s 75k but it’s not like they’re millions, so the twins still share.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-23-59-932.jpg

Spacey also gets a violin to satisfy her virtuoso needs.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-55-07-658.jpg

Revamped kitchen and dining.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-27-09-692

And of course I don’t forget the man who made all of this possible.


Wylie the savior

I decided to save him in stasis (nraas sp) and I’m planning on marrying off one of their daughters to him :). Bc I love this guy now.

I will never forget this kindness, Wylie.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-44-11-022The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-44-38-468


The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-04-08-679The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-04-33-067

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-10-36-232.jpg

It’s actually a home now.

Moore: My cringey parents still haven’t changed though. *barfs*

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-17-47-649.jpgThe Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-18-15-265.jpg

Everyone loves the mini fridge so much that they stopped cooking all together.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-22-29-332The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-22-43-825


The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-31-49-062.jpg

Veri even gets a promotion.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 17-05-48-184.jpg

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-32-24-170.jpg

Veri: Hmph, that violin is all she does now. Doesn’t even welcome her mother home.

The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-37-25-438The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-37-45-950The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-38-42-317The Sims 3-01-13-2018 18-39-17-083

The house is so serene at night.

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Orangee 1.2


Veri: You shouldn’t be filming this.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-00-26-415.jpg

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-02-23-482.jpg

Veri: Here, I fixed your stereo.

Willard: Oh wow thanks, here’s $200.

Veri: Only $200? Do you know how long I spent on your stupid music box? Don’t think I’ll forget about this.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-04-17-181

Willard being cheap made her so mad her water broke.

Tim: Omg, it’s a fountain!

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-04-34-563The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-06-29-990

Moore: What about me? I’m hungry!

Veri: Quiet! Don’t you see I’m in pain?!

And it’s twins. Veri named the girl Spacey and the boy Bumble.

The house is hectic. Veri tries to teach Moore to walk last minute but she doesn’t make it ): . Moore gained the athletic trait.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-48-05-302

Bumble Orangee – Artistic, Light Sleeper

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-53-10-589

Spacey Orangee – Virtuoso, Heavy Sleeper

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-53-52-997

I like how Bumble chose the violet bed because even if it’s further from the door (his favorite color).

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 22-57-26-536.jpg

Moore: I am now the ruler of this house.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 23-06-26-534_1.jpg

Tim had a makeover. Nerd parted hair and chick pink glasses.

The aliens love his new look.

Xorpoth: I am not like my brother. You will have my spawn.

Tim: Yeah whatever dude… this is all getting old.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 23-11-36-570.jpg

Xorpoth: I will be back.

Moore: Damn it, dad!

Btw, Tim’s book writing is taking forever. I didn’t know it took this long to write a book, I took out my fast writing mod and Tim is still writing the same book as when he just moved in.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 23-24-39-212The Sims 3-01-08-2018 23-24-52-692

Veri: Aliens!

Spacey: Apeman!

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 23-26-11-534The Sims 3-01-08-2018 23-26-23-569

Tim: $hit. Why did I marry into this family. If I kept doing my party dancing I could’ve married some rich woman with mountains of simoleons. Now all I have are mountains of kids.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 16-55-12-053.jpg

Moore got the cheapest bed possible. He is constantly woken by his younger siblings too 😦

Moore: I shouldn’t be spending my childhood like this…

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 17-23-40-585.jpg

Oh look who’s here.

Xorpoth: I came to see the product of my work. Where is the black haired human?

Veri: What’s wrong with you guys? I already told your dad we have nothing to do with you!

Xorpoth: Didn’t he uhh… gain weight?

Veri: Tim has always been skinny, and he still is! Don’t come back, you fools!

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 17-27-48-906.jpg

Xorpoth: I can’t believe this.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 17-28-21-569.jpg

Xorpoth: Dad is going to kick my ass so bad 😦

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 17-30-02-723.jpg

Bumble: I’m so relieved I can finally use the potty on my own.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 17-46-38-655The Sims 3-01-09-2018 17-46-00-031

Winter has come, and Tim FINALLY gets back to work.

\The Sims 3-01-09-2018 17-52-51-645.jpg

Thank the sim god!

…Oh wait that’s me.

Tim is getting promoted pretty easily because he already grind out his writing skill at home.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-15-17-287The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-15-41-720

Veri: Envision it babe, after this, we’re done. We can finally live like sane sims after this.

Tim: *is hopeful*


I was surprised to see Tim get up from bed even though he was totally beat. You’d think the guy would learn by now not to chase after strange lights.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-17-48-765.jpg

The house is quiet.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-18-19-794The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-18-36-826

Daxaghtupp: Since both of my sons failed, I must take the matter into my own hands. This mission is of utmost importance.

Tim is so attractive that they already wasted 3 intergalactic flights on him.

The Sims 3-01-09-2018 18-19-03-485.jpg

Tim: Wait… That one felt different than usual.

I have no idea why the aliens are so obsessed with Tim. I can already hear their spaceships coming back.




Orangee 1.1


The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-43-37-142.jpg

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-48-49-750The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-51-05-360

I thought now that she had a man, all I had to worry about was money.


The Sims 3-01-07-2018 17-03-28-614The Sims 3-01-07-2018 17-04-16-951

Tim’s joystick is apparently broken. That or he’s doing it wrong on purpose.

Tim: 😉 One more time?

Trying in the theatre didn’t seem to work either.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 17-01-58-909.jpg

They tried for baby 10 times. She still wasn’t pregnant… I had them go steady, thinking maybe that was the problem, but nope…

But thank plumbob for MC. Resetting him fixed his manhood.

Tim moved in.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-19-21-815.jpg

He joined the journalism career.

Veri: I think might be pregnant…?

Tim: It’s probably your imagination.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 17-49-55-859.jpgThe Sims 3-01-07-2018 17-52-24-937

Veri: Hehe.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 17-58-08-756The Sims 3-01-07-2018 17-58-54-304

Veri: I’m gonna be rich if I sell this fish.

She fished all day and earned $30 from the consignment store.

Veri brought Tim to bar and got him drunk before telling him the news.

Tim: *burps* At least the sim god won’t pester me about my pixel stick anymore. That was embarrassing.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 18-24-40-896.jpg

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 18-26-12-882The Sims 3-01-07-2018 18-27-00-122

Veri: Yeah, bull! Throw him off!

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 18-27-53-414.jpg


Wiley was drinking his sorrows away at a corner of the bar.

Wiley: Ugh my stomach hurts…

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-30-52-138The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-31-09-628

Veri: Don’t fret friend. I will use my powers to find out the source of your troubles.

Wiley: Actually, I know tha—

Veri: Ssh! …Hmmm I see. You the have the same issue my husband did.

Wiley: *Uncomfortable*

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-37-35-223


The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-38-43-482


The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-46-15-699.jpg

1! And the baby is here.

Tim: No! I’m not ready. Push it back in!

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-50-00-223The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-54-56-799

It’s a boy!

His name is Moore Orangee. He rolled the excited and preceptive traits.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 19-57-22-052.jpg

Veri: Did you finish taking the picture yet? Can I put him down now?

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-12-42-038

Tim: Did you pee your pants again?

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-13-19-372

Tim: Was I also this small at his age?



The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-13-44-073.jpg

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-23-04-662The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-24-31-902

Moore: Feels funny.


They didn’t have the money or friends to hold a wedding, so I just had them do it across the street.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-37-45-113The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-43-27-918

Forever cute.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 20-47-10-939.jpg

I realized after that marrying them was a bad idea. Because now Tim has the next FIVE days off. Which means 5 days without income -_-;

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-50-18-613.jpg


Having 5 children would take forever, so I spent all her aspiration points on the fertility treatment, and also had her dance to kids music.

Tim: Will this help? I’m a party animal, I can dance all day!

If you’re wondering why Tim always wears pink, it’s because that’s his favorite color.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 20-57-19-139.jpgThe Sims 3-01-08-2018 20-57-38-329

Veri is unaware of her husband’s abduction.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-02-14-050.jpgThe Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-02-43-065.jpg

Axarion: I hope I did this right. Call me up when you give birth, dude!

I REALLY hope that doesn’t happen.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-07-08-810.jpg

Veri comforts Tim with some bedtime cuddles.

Veri: Sheesh, why is this kid so clumsy with his words. I don’t know who he takes after.

Desparate for money, Veri decided to throw a gift giving party.


You weren’t even invited…

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-23-18-759.jpg

Willard brought fried chicken. Chad brought fried bacon.

Sigh… men.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-23-52-607.jpg

Man: $hit! I hate kids!

Mimi was a lot more hearty with her food, she baked a bread for the Orangees :).

Party Crasher: This the chick that got Chad all bothered? Looks more like a tangerine than a woman.

Wiley: *best dancer*

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-26-56-782.jpg

Tim bragging about how his wife looks like a painting.

Willard: Yeah man… I’m listening.

Tim got a painting (probably from Willard). And Veri got a chess table.

Not bad!

Chad: Hey babe, let’s grab a drink aft—

Veri: Nonono! I’m a married woman now.

Chad: Even friends can drink together 😦

Veri: You think I’m stupid to not know your intention? Get lost.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-42-49-182.jpg

Chad: Best party ever! I love how she rejected me five times in a row! Such spirit, such beauty!

Everyone else: It was ok.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-50-29-216.jpg

It looks like they have a nighttime visitor.

Daxaghtupp: Good evening. I’m aware there was an operation here recently. Do you have the child?

Veri: Omg, he is green! And what child? I only have my son.

Daxaghtupp: I knew that stupid boy of mine was no good. Gosh I’m so embarrassed.

The Sims 3-01-08-2018 21-54-06-877.jpg

Daxaghtupp: Maybe if I take some DNA from their clothes, our next attempt will be more successful.

I have a bad feeling about these aliens…

1.2   1.3

Orangee 1.0

The Sims 3-01-06-2018 3-47-06-165

Well here’s someone new. Ms Veri Orangee. She thinks she would get to live in my luxurious Lucky Palms city, but I have other plans.

Veri Orangee

-Computer wizard

Random Legacy Roll

Marital Status: Couple

Number of Children: 5 Children

Primary Career: Video Game Designer (Engineer)

Secondary Career: Mixologist

Generational Goal: Hobby, or Obsession?

Miscellaneous Fun: Opposites Attract/Perfect Match

The Sims 3-01-06-2018 17-11-07-041.jpg

Veri: Where are we? Why is there grass. LP doesn’t have grass.

It’s not LP, love. It’s Starlight Shores, and you’re a legacy founder. Here’s your home.

The Sims 3-01-06-2018 17-12-23-049.jpg



I sent her off to a random community lot while I built a small shack.

Basically, cheap CC saved my butt.

The Sims 3-01-06-2018 18-17-46-422The Sims 3-01-06-2018 18-18-20-292

ITF is a godsend.

The Sims 3-01-06-2018 18-17-13-012


Veri understands her situation.

She ended up finding 2 lamps (useless). I sold one and kept the other which looked like this:

The Sims 3-01-06-2018 18-20-41-832.jpg

Lamp’s got to be stinky.

The Sims 3-01-06-2018 18-29-23-497.jpg

Veri: I don’t wanna go home to that… plot.


Instead of going home, she decided to find some nerd friends, because the best way to get nerd levels (so we can be game designer) is to socialize with said nerds.

I thought Willard Wright would for sure be a nerd, but Starlight Shores came out before university. Plum it.

AKA there’s no nerds in this world.


However, the Olivia’s do have a TV and console. So I had Veri level her influence to 1 on their TV, until she broke it.

Veri: Hey I’m sorry about your TV but can you make some food? I’m hungry.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-12-50-219The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-13-37-755

One of the roomies was not happy with her sabotage.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 12-48-33-960.jpg

So I had no choice but to use all the funds from the ITF portal to buy her a tv and gaming system.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-17-01-952The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-17-22-839

She invited Willard over in an attempt to make him a nerd so they could socialize with each other.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-21-08-883


It didn’t really work but at least they had fun. And Veri was being a donut about how he hurt her with the pillow.

Willard: How is that even possible—

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-35-27-638The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-35-11-604


The Sims 3-01-07-2018 13-39-40-478.jpg

After Willard left, Veri decided to take a break and visit her neighbors, the Lucks.


The Sims 3-01-07-2018 14-06-31-456.jpg

Wylie is a decent hot dog maker.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 14-27-06-972The Sims 3-01-07-2018 14-29-33-357

Chad: Get out of here kid, I’m trying to spend time with a lady.

Issac: Oh but… Just pretend I’m not here (I could learn something).

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 14-32-07-437The Sims 3-01-07-2018 14-38-13-865

Issac: Omg, why would he do that? That’s so cringy.

Since Chad was so aggressive with his advances, I wondered if they have a trait in common (remember the opposites/perfect match challenge). I used master contr—my sixth sense to deduct that they did not in fact, have anything in common.

He was basically just a pimp.

Chad: Oh pretty lady—

Veri: Nope, nothing common, nothing conflict. Good bye.

So I’m having a hard time finding her a man, and I’ve spent all the aspiration pts she earned so far on nerd influence, because it’s taking forever.

Still unemployed and single, Veri decided to spend some time at the simfest.


She was selected as a “volunteer”.

I mean…

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 15-14-17-962

I’m not sure about this…


But it seems the magician was actually legit.

After a few days of asking around town, I’ve heard of a fellow sim with the clumsy trait. Yes, because of all the traits it just had to be that one.

Anyways, Veri decides to invite him over.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-08-59-711.jpg

“I’ll be there.” He said.

And then he was there. He came from BEHIND HER HOUSE. HE JUST APPEARED.

Veri almost got a heart attack.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-09-19-627.jpg

Veri: That scared me. He’s kinda cute… but he was so creepy…

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-10-55-571.jpg

Tim: I’m a virgo, we’re compatible.

Veri: Oh then I guess it’s okay 😀

By the way, his name is Tim Hammer.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-14-39-452The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-21-24-468

Tim: We’re on a date and all you do is play video games??

Veri: This is how all dates work now, you prune. Get with the times.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-33-24-522_1.jpg


Seems familiar?

Veri: You hurt me with the pillow, jackass!

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-35-25-263.jpg

Veri: GAHHH. My face is sore from your brutality.

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-35-57-831The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-37-01-773

Tim: I can give you a massage. I’m pretty good at it.

Veri: What? You want to knead a woman’s face? Go away.

Tim: Then how about some flowers? 😉

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-37-28-377The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-37-45-529

Veri: Well I guess it’s ok…

And actually… I  r e a l l y  l o v e  f l o w e r s .

The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-39-02-970The Sims 3-01-07-2018 16-39-07-854

Veri: So I guess you’ll do.

Fun fact, Tim is a party dancer. He’s one of these guys…

Btw, the obsession I chose for Veri is video gaming. Technically, she doesn’t earn money from gaming soooo 🙂

1.1   1.2   1.3

Earth Walking Mer

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-12-36-676.jpg

Island Waikiki is largely uninhabited. Owned by a billionaire as a private resort island, only a few dozen people would be there at a time. Though there are no nearby islands, Waikiki does have an old neighbor who lives right under them… the mermaids.

Of these quiet residents, there’s one who is particularly adventurous.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-18-39-823.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-19-18-525.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-20-53-493.jpg This is not his first time visiting the sands! This young merman has returned again and again, establishing even his own “shelter” on the isle.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-22-35-887.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-23-37-412.jpgHe both made- and stole, items. Being good with crafts, he was able to build a bed with “borrowed covers”, and a dining table from drift wood and discarded logs. Other little things, that were left out in the open, were quietly swiped by the young merman.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-27-26-224.jpgAmong these were, of course, clothing. It didn’t take long to learn that the few existing locals did not appreciate his original getup. The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-31-20-345.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-32-11-677.jpgBeing the only earth walking merman was lonely, but there’s a reason why he was unable to bring along his friends from the sea. Normal mermaids and mermen could not obtain  legs. It requires an extraordinary amount of magical ability to conjure instruments made for treading land.

He was capable of this, just as other members of the royal Mer family. He is the Queen’s second child, Delmer Oceanspark.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-32-38-640.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-32-43-775.jpgUnlike his brother, Delmer isn’t eligible for the throne, and has plenty of time to spare.

Delmer: These green things are so juicy!

(It’s not a good idea to eat stuff you randomly pick up…)

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-34-30-348.jpgDelmer had built his “home” in resemblance of what he’s seen on the island. There was always a sense of loss as he looked at the empty chairs, and he wished to get along with the islanders as one of their own.

Delmer: I need some subjects for my court.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-38-41-805.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-40-12-288.jpg

But he wasn’t confident.

Whenever the locals happened to spot him, he quickly disappeared, leaving them doubting their sight.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-42-14-954.jpgDesperate for some proper clothing to hide his scales, Delmer finally gathered up courage to push aside his hesitation.  He invaded an empty home on the other side of the isle. The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-43-22-386.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-44-05-648.jpgDelmer: This person has bad fashion sense…

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-45-58-107.jpgGetting through the locks was nothing for Mer magic, and he quickly gathered a few garments to his tastes, making sure they covered his legs. He was satisfied with his new disguise.

Finally, he could confidently interact with earth-people.

(click to enlarge)

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-52-01-785.jpgHe also took a liking to their beverages…

Delmer: Yummm….  Tastes like a mixture of seaweed and octopus ink, delicious!

Bartender: Excusez-moi??

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-53-10-366.jpgAnd he was amazed by the amount of things the earth-people did.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-58-41-998It was all so amazing to him…

Delmer: Look at the sky! It’s beautiful! From under the water it always looks like rainbow poop.


But the night would always come, and when the sun sets, the prince is immediately reminded of the cool waters of his home, and the lingering thirst in his chest.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-06-09-868.jpgHe missed the sea.

And he would always return to it.

Delmer: *splash splash* I actually have terrible swimming skills, it’s just my tail.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-07-51-792The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-09-54-487The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-11-15-555

The ocean was his birthplace, and where his family and friends reside. He couldn’t stay on the isle; so like always, he decides he would return to the earth another day.

He’ll be back when the sun is high, and the locals are awake… and when he has too much hydration time on his hands.

Delmer: I like Shakespeare. I have to read it on the island because I can’t bring this book into the waters.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-15-55-895_1The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-16-32-055Delmer: *reading Shakespeare*

Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.


(Only snobs like Shakespeare)










The Sims 3-04-13-2017 2-33-07-201.jpgDelmer: Oh, you are still here… The story is done, you know.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 2-43-31-080.jpgI guess I’ll show you a little magic, since you already seem to miss me.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 2-56-55-729Uh yeah, that was it… That was real magic. I don’t know what kind of pseudo act you earth-people enjoy, but my people pay lots to see that! Be grateful!

And don’t miss me too much. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon ♥ (I’m giving you a heart with my lips)!

Image result for viktor smile

The Sims 3-04-11-2017 18-26-23-296.jpgThe Sims 3-04-11-2017 18-24-42-348.jpg

Xarley’s daughter is very cute. But like they say: ugly in the crib, pretty at the table… I hope she turns out well. ♥

The Sims 3-04-08-2017 1-37-36-564The Sims 3-04-08-2017 1-37-21-022