Riley Virgo

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Earth Walking Mer

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Island Waikiki is largely uninhabited. Owned by a billionaire as a private resort island, only a few dozen people would be there at a time. Though there are no nearby islands, Waikiki does have an old neighbor who lives right under them… the mermaids.

Of these quiet residents, there’s one who is particularly adventurous.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-18-39-823.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-19-18-525.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-20-53-493.jpg This is not his first time visiting the sands! This young merman has returned again and again, establishing even his own “shelter” on the isle.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-22-35-887.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-23-37-412.jpgHe both made- and stole, items. Being good with crafts, he was able to build a bed with “borrowed covers”, and a dining table from drift wood and discarded logs. Other little things, that were left out in the open, were quietly swiped by the young merman.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-27-26-224.jpgAmong these were, of course, clothing. It didn’t take long to learn that the few existing locals did not appreciate his original getup. The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-31-20-345.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-32-11-677.jpgBeing the only earth walking merman was lonely, but there’s a reason why he was unable to bring along his friends from the sea. Normal mermaids and mermen could not obtain  legs. It requires an extraordinary amount of magical ability to conjure instruments made for treading land.

He was capable of this, just as other members of the royal Mer family. He is the Queen’s second child, Delmer Oceanspark.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-32-38-640.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-32-43-775.jpgUnlike his brother, Delmer isn’t eligible for the throne, and has plenty of time to spare.

Delmer: These green things are so juicy!

(It’s not a good idea to eat stuff you randomly pick up…)

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-34-30-348.jpgDelmer had built his “home” in resemblance of what he’s seen on the island. There was always a sense of loss as he looked at the empty chairs, and he wished to get along with the islanders as one of their own.

Delmer: I need some subjects for my court.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-38-41-805.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-40-12-288.jpg

But he wasn’t confident.

Whenever the locals happened to spot him, he quickly disappeared, leaving them doubting their sight.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-42-14-954.jpgDesperate for some proper clothing to hide his scales, Delmer finally gathered up courage to push aside his hesitation.  He invaded an empty home on the other side of the isle. The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-43-22-386.jpgThe Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-44-05-648.jpgDelmer: This person has bad fashion sense…

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-45-58-107.jpgGetting through the locks was nothing for Mer magic, and he quickly gathered a few garments to his tastes, making sure they covered his legs. He was satisfied with his new disguise.

Finally, he could confidently interact with earth-people.

(click to enlarge)

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-52-01-785.jpgHe also took a liking to their beverages…

Delmer: Yummm….  Tastes like a mixture of seaweed and octopus ink, delicious!

Bartender: Excusez-moi??

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-53-10-366.jpgAnd he was amazed by the amount of things the earth-people did.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 4-58-41-998It was all so amazing to him…

Delmer: Look at the sky! It’s beautiful! From under the water it always looks like rainbow poop.


But the night would always come, and when the sun sets, the prince is immediately reminded of the cool waters of his home, and the lingering thirst in his chest.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-06-09-868.jpgHe missed the sea.

And he would always return to it.

Delmer: *splash splash* I actually have terrible swimming skills, it’s just my tail.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-07-51-792The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-09-54-487The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-11-15-555

The ocean was his birthplace, and where his family and friends reside. He couldn’t stay on the isle; so like always, he decides he would return to the earth another day.

He’ll be back when the sun is high, and the locals are awake… and when he has too much hydration time on his hands.

Delmer: I like Shakespeare. I have to read it on the island because I can’t bring this book into the waters.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-15-55-895_1The Sims 3-04-13-2017 5-16-32-055Delmer: *reading Shakespeare*

Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.


(Only snobs like Shakespeare)










The Sims 3-04-13-2017 2-33-07-201.jpgDelmer: Oh, you are still here… The story is done, you know.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 2-43-31-080.jpgI guess I’ll show you a little magic, since you already seem to miss me.

The Sims 3-04-13-2017 2-56-55-729Uh yeah, that was it… That was real magic. I don’t know what kind of pseudo act you earth-people enjoy, but my people pay lots to see that! Be grateful!

And don’t miss me too much. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon ♥ (I’m giving you a heart with my lips)!

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Xarley’s daughter is very cute. But like they say: ugly in the crib, pretty at the table… I hope she turns out well. ♥

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Mommy Ismael

Mommy Ismael cooking for the boys and cleaning the house


Robby: There are too many dirty dishes, Is. Do something about it!

Ismael: Are you kidding me?! Why don’t you do something for once!

TS3W 2017-03-03 01-06-29-74.jpg

Robby: I did! I’m in charge of laundry.

Actually, that's true, Robby. You did laundry... just once. ಠ_ಠ